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I grew in Cedar Hill, Texas. Graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a communications degree in print graphics (2009) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (2012) with an MA in Christian Education. I find pleasure and beauty in the creative process, whether I'm making videos, taking picture or some form of art. I love people, hearing their stories, gaining wisdom from their lives and helping them to see how their story might inspire others. There is value in a life and I want to drawn that out for individuals and others to see. I've been married to my wife Heidi, since 2012 and we have two daughters, Elora and Jovie aka Jo Jo. Elora's name means God is Light"and Jovie means "happy, joyous and jovial." Great reminders for us in times of hardship, pain and uncertainty. 

Who is Eden Anne?

Eden Anne is the name of our daughter we lost during our first pregnancy in 2015. We lost her 28 weeks into the pregnancy on the first day of the third trimester.


The weeks leading up to the bad news, Eden was a lively baby. She loved to dance and especially after eating a big batch of dark chocolate chip cookies I made one evening. Every year we make a batch of the cookies in honor of her. We call them our “Eden Cookies.” Sadly, Eden came into the world as a stillborn on January 22, 2015. Her heart just stopped. Doctors said a lot of times a cause for death cannot be found. We got to hold Eden, she was a little under a 2 pounds, cutest little face, with the tiniest little hands and feet. For my wife Heidi and I this was the hardest day of our lives, but even in the midst of this dark moment we found so much joy holding our baby girl on that day.

From this experience we were reminded of the brevity and beauty of life, to be alive in this world is an absolute miracle, and we must never take life for granted.

We as people have a fear of forgetting. We want to remember people, places, moments and times. This is why I love filmmaking, because over time our memory tends to fade, and films keep beautiful moments and stories alive in our minds. Film also creates a special way to share our stories with others. Eden Anne Films will honor our daughter and the beautiful reminder she was to us while helping others cherish and share their special moments forever.

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